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Rewards Program - Info X

Info X Rewards Program

The Reward Program ends 12/31/18. Please redeem your points by 3/1/19 and watch for a new program!

Info X Rewards Members Sign in Here


Who is eligible?

Any Domestic US Info X customer*

If we sell as a team; can I divide the points up?

Salespeople, purchasing agents, management, marketing people, warehouse workers, whomever the company decides may participate. It gives you a chance to involve others as well as sales. Info X reserves the right to deny participation to any person or company. You can designate up to 3 participating people per company on each sales order.This will allow for point sharing among a team. Following your instructions our sales reps will key in which people get points on each order. Keep in mind that points will only be split evenly: e.g. Two Names: each get 50% of the points, Three names: each get 33% of the points. Info X sales people will follow the customer’s instructions on the assignment of points. Any disputes regarding points will have to be handled in your office; Info X will not mediate point disputes.

What if I forget to tell my Info X sales rep that I want points for a sales order?

Once the order ships we cannot add or change point assignments. It is solely your responsibility to inform the Info X sales repeat the time that the order is placed. Info X will not be held responsible for miscommunications, omissions or errors.

How do I claim my prizes?

You will see your balance on the rewards web site when you log in. Then just fill your shopping cart and create an order. Info X must approve all claims before they ship out the door. In stock and approved orders usually ship within 48 business hours.

What if I change jobs?

Points must be claimed; they cannot be transferred to another participant or to another company. You have 30 days after your employment ends to claim the points or they will be forfeited. When you start your new job, just complete a new enrollment form to rejoin the program.

What if the company is purchased or merges?

Points must be claimed; they cannot be transferred to another participant or to another company. You have 30 days after your company reorganized to claim the points or they will be forfeited. If you remain at the company, please complete a new enrollment form to rejoin the program with the new company.

What about income tax and sales tax?

State sales tax for all items is included in the point total. Income taxes however are the responsibility of the prize winner. Info X will follow IRS guidelines and send out 1099 forms when necessary. That is why we need your Social Security number and home address on the application form. Keep in mind that the 1099 tax is much less than paying full price on merchandise.

Customers can obtain great merchandise just for doing business with Info X.

How do I sign up and how do others enroll?

Participant sign up can be accomplished by filling out a sign up form, then fax the form to us [outside USA] +1 973-386-0783 or toll free at 800.463.9998 or email. See enrollment form. Approved participants will begin to accrue points immediately. Contact your Info X sales rep for more information or E-mail:

Terms & Conditions

• All fields must be completed

• After review, approved applicants will be sent an email with a user ID and password to access our online rewards site.

• Info X reserves the right to approve or disapprove any applications.

• Applies to US Domestic Resellers.

• Management of individual companies must approve employee participation in this program before it can be implemented, since some companies do not allow their individual reps to sign up for programs such as this, Info X will not be held responsible for any employee - employer disputes regarding this program.

• If a employee - employer is past due, on credit hold or in collections with Info X the points will be forfeited and removed.

• If a employee - employer files bankruptcy or is in collections the rewards points are subject to removal and the account will be suspended indefinitely. The Info X rewards program is subject to change. The full Info X terms and conditions as well as the Info X privacy policy is available on the Info X website.

Reward Points Expiration

Info X Reward points expire 3 years after they are earned. Points will expire in the order from which they were first earned. Reward Points expire if the customer has not accumulated points for 12 consecutive months. Points expire if Reward points are not redeemed for a period of 12 consecutive months. The Info X reward points program is subject to revision or cancellation at any time without notice.