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NeoSapphire 3602

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SKU: NS3602
Category: Storage
Manufacturer: ACCELSTOR
MSRP: $0.00
Professional Models

Enterprises need efficient and reliable storage solutions to manage intensive I/O data traffic, with low latency. Most enterprise applications, such as virtual machines, must multi-access huge raw files, and often experience demanding rush-hour boot storms. These are common, difficult challenges for IT administrators. NeoSapphire Professional all-flash arrays (AFAs) are designed to conquer these challenges and dramatically improve business operations with ultra-high performance, abundant software features, and a flexible selection of configurations.

Flexible Capacity from 1TB to 23TB

AccelStor offers a wide range of storage options in 1U and 2U space-saving form factors. Our NeoSapphire Professional AFAs are perfect solutions for providing a smooth, dependable IT platform and enhancing business operations. In todays world, typical database storage requires a capacity of around 1TB to 5TB. The Professional models offer flexible capacity options from 1TB to 23TB to meet all types of usage scenarios and budgets for optimum management of IT resources.

Great Performance via Mainstream Connectivity Protocol

NeoSapphire Professional AFAs deliver stunning performance from 300K IOPS in a 1U platform with just 8 SSDs, to 700K IOPS in a 2U platform with 24 SSDs. These AFAs support mainstream connectivity protocols, like 10GbE, 16G Fibre Channel for enterprises, and even 56G FDR Infiniband for lab or research environments. Plus, with FlexiRemap software technology, NeoSapphire Professional models maintain ultra-high IOPS even under intensive workloads, making them optimal solutions for handling huge amounts of high-value data for enterprise-level businesses.

Data Protection and Integrity

Enterprises need a rock-solid solution for protecting and backing up data. With the support of snapshot and snapshot backup features, NeoSapphire Professional AFAs can take up to 2048 copies of data for future restoration in case of accidental loss. By using redirect-on-write snapshot, the storage system saves two-thirds more I/O loading as compared with copy-on-write snapshot. Thanks to FlexiRemaps built-in 2(N+1) proprietary algorithm, NeoSapphire Professional AFAs ensure data is stored with a very high level of integrity. With these invaluable protection tools, NeoSapphire AFAs are guaranteed to run smoothly under all applications.

Free Clone

Free Clone is a special technology developed by AccelStor. By using logical volume implementation when copying the LUN, NeoSapphire Professional AFAs do not occupy physical space, but only use the pointer link with the original LUN, which does not allocate extra useable capacity. For enterprises, saving storage space means saving cost. Plus, Free Clone enables simpler deployment and system management for IT administrators, which means better overall productivity.

Simplified Virtualization

AccelStor provides seamless storage solutions for virtualization environments, especially for the VMware platform. NeoSapphire Professional AFAs offload storage operations by using VAAI block implementation, providing an optimized user experience under VDI applications. AccelStor has developed a NeoSapphire management plug-in for the VMware vSphere® Web Client with which hypervisors can perform NeoSapphire AFA volume management tasks. This plug-in is a very handy tool for virtualization users.

NeoSapphire 3602

Form Factor: 1U rack mount
IOPS for 4KB Random Writes: 420K sustained
Flash Management: FlexiRemap technology
Raw Capacity: 5TB
Usable Capacity: 2TB
Number of SSDs: 10
Flash Type: MLC
Connectivity: 2 x 16G Fibre Channel LC SFP+
Storage Protocol: Fibre Channel
Management Interface: Web GUI (via HTTP/HTTPS) CLI (via serial port)
Power Supply: 700W/750W 1+1 redundant
Feature Highlight:
• Optimized low-latency performance for SANs
• Data protection through redundancy
• High performance in compact form factor
Dimensions: 437mm x 597mm x 43mm (17.2in x 23.5in x 1.7in)
Net Weight: 13.5kg (29.8lb)
Environmental Temperature: Operating: 10°C to 35°C (50°F to 95°F)
Storage (Non-Operating): -20°C to 60°C (-4°F to 140°F)
Environmental Humidity: Operating: 10% to 90% Non-Condensing
Storage (Non-Operating): 5% to 95% Non-Condensing

  • IOPS result is based on designated testing conditions. Performance may vary with different applications or product configurations.
  • Usable capacity refers to the approximation of the storage capacity that users can have. The accurate usable capabity may vary depedning on software configurations and other factors.
  • Weight may vary depending on components and manufacturing variability.
  • 1 year limited warranty, or extended warranty support available through Accelstor. Warranty Information
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