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NEC Storage Rich Servers

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Category: NEC
Manufacturer: NEC
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NEC Express5800/R120f-2E Storage Rich

The Express5800/R120f-2E, a cost-effective dual-socket 2U rack server, is a right-sized server with the performance, expandability, and reliability to meet the requirements of storage-intensive workloads. Combining the new high-performance and energy efficient Intel Xeon E5-2600 v3 product family, large memory and storage capacity, and high performance RAID controller supporting large cache memory and 12 Gbps SAS interface, the R120f-2E is suitable for network attached storage and data backup servers.
Perfect Fit for Your Storage Needs
To meet the current data growth, data centers need cost-effective storage solutions that provide superior expendably, performance, and data protection features. With up to two 10-core Xeon E5- 2600 v3 processors, 16 DIMMs for DDR4-2133 memory, a choice of 24 2.5-inch drives or 12 3.5-inch drives, and various redundant capabilities, the R120f-2E delivers the optimal balance of performance and features to meet your storage needs.

Expandability for Data Growth
The Express5800/R120f-2E offers superior expandability to keep pace with your data growth. With two integrated gigabit NICs, four PCIe Gen3 and one PCIe Gen2 slots, up to 512GB of memory capacity, 75.6TB of storage capacity, and redundant storage options, the R120f-2E offers flexible network connectivity, superior storage expandability, and secure data protection.

Cost Savings Through Efficiency
The Express5800/R120f-2E offers solutions to reduce energy and IT management costs. Combining ambient temperature operation up to 40 degrees C (104 degrees F), intelligent cooling technology, redundant power supplies with cold-standby mode, and 94 percent energy efficiency, the R120f-2E helps reduce energy costs. The remote KVM feature minimizes time and effort of administrators by allowing operation from a web-based console. The agent-less remote monitoring feature minimizes extra effort of administrators by providing notification of predictive failures directly via SNMP and e-mail regardless of server status.
Standard, Gold & Platinum (pre approval required) warranty support available through NEC .
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