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NEC Rack Servers

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Category: NEC
Manufacturer: NEC
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Dual-socket rack servers equipped with the latest Intel Xeon processors for outstanding performance, reliability, and simplified management.

The NEC Express5800/100 Series are high-performance 1U and 2U rack servers that offer high-density compute power to help consolidate network resources and minimize server footprints.
Rack server configurations, like those achievable with the Express5800/100 Series, streamline network setup and maintenance. Extensive remote management capabilities, regardless of the servers power or operating system status, simplify management of these affordable, high-quality servers.

Industry-leading intelligent fan control minimizes cooling power with individually optimized fan speeds. The eco-friendly NEC Express5800 servers can withstand operating temperatures up to 104 degrees F for greater reliability, improved energy efficiency, and lower operational costs. 80 PLUS Platinum and Gold certified power supplies deliver additional energy efficiency and savings.
A high-density dual-socket 1U rack server powered by the high performance and energy efficient Intel Xeon processor E5-2600 v4 product family, combining up to two 22-core and 145 watt processors, 24 DIMM slots, 16 hot-plug drive bays, and 8 PCIe 3.0 slots.

Express5800/R120g-2E Storage Rich
A cost-effective dual-socket 2U rack server Combines the new high-performance and energy efficient Intel Xeon E5-2600 v4 product family, large memory and storage capacity, and high performance RAID controller supporting large cache memory and 12 Gbps SAS interface.

Outstanding performance, reliability, and simplified management in a 2U rack server for memory-intensive computing, such as virtualization and in-memory databases.

High-density mounting dual-socket 1U rack server for demanding applications that process high data volumes.

An affordable yet powerful single-socket 1U rack server, delivers essential server features, flexibility, and enterprise-class reliability in a small footprint.

Entry-level 1U rack server for reliable, high performance in corporate data centers and cloud infrastructure.
Standard, Gold & Platinum (pre approval required) warranty support available through NEC .
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