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NEC Enterprise Servers

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Category: NEC
Manufacturer: NEC
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All of the powerhouse performance needed for mission critical systems and processing Big Data.

Express5800/A2000 Series of enterprise servers for Windows and Linux operating systems delivers high performance, scalability and availability for Big Data workloads and sophisticated social infrastructure. Powered by Intel Xeon processors, NECs Express5800 servers consistently achieve top rankings in the Transaction Processing Performance Council (TPC) performance benchmarks.

Enhanced memory sparing and memory mirroring features enable efficient use of memory space, while providing reliable and stable system operations. Capacity on-demand functions ensure efficient use of CPU resources and scalability allowing CPU cores to be added online without suspending the system.
The Express5800/A2000 Series enterprise-class servers are designed to offer high performance and high availability for mission critical applications.

Exceptional performance.
Equipped with up to 4 CPUs of the Intel Xeon processor E7-4800 v3, the NEC Express5800/A2000 Series servers offer twice as much performance over the previous generation server. This performance gain is achieved through 50% more cores and 50% more threads for a total of 77 cores and 144 threads.

Unprecedented failure analysis and uptime.
Numerous sensors granularly monitor the key components of the server. If an anomaly is detected, the component is isolated, and if a failure occurs, detached until the faulty component can be replaced. Spare service processor, spare clock, and spare I/O controller hub deliver an even higher level of hardware redundancy.

Advanced RAS.
Tightly integrated interconnect between reliability, availability, and serviceability. Hardware redundancy not found on other x86 servers minimizes the risk of a single point of failure. Memory and I/O cards can be added without stopping the system the only server in the world with a memory hot-add feature.

Superior flexibility and scalability.
Cores can be enabled or disabled for actual workloads and varying performance demands. Idle hardware can be eliminated to improve IT cost efficiency and performance by automatically offloading various workloads to secondary instances.

Cost savings through efficiency.
A proven 9:1 server consolidation rate lowers software costs by up to 27% for large-scale workloads. By consolidating several servers onto a single server, the components are lighter weight, draw less power, and reduce server sprawl.
Standard, Gold & Platinum (pre approval required) warranty support available through NEC .
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