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Category: 10Gb Ethernet Adapters
Manufacturer: EXABLAZE
MSRP: $2,950.00

Exablaze's ExaNIC X40 is a high density network interface card featuring incredibly low latency: 800ns application to application for small Ethernet frames (using the native API) and under a microsecond for small TCP and UDP payloads (using the transparent socket acceleration library).

The ExaNIC X40 currently provides eight 10GbE interfaces on a host, and through the use of QSFP+ breakout cables can connect to eight SFP+ ports. This enables a range of high performance applications such as packet capture across multiple connections, or market data line arbitration across many different feeds.

As with our other NICs, the ExaNIC X40 provides hardware-based time stamping to a resolution of 6 nanoseconds. The card features an SMA connector which can accept a pulse-per-second (PPS) in or drive PPS out to further improve the accuracy of timestamps taken throughout the system.

*Sub microsecond TCP half round-trip time using the exasock transparent kernel acceleration library - see performance section. Test methodology available on request.
**40GbE functionliaty to be released in a future firmware upgrade.
  • Form factor:Half-height PCI Express card
  • Ports:2 QSFP+, PPS in/out
  • Data rate:40 Gigabit Ethernet(**), 10 Gigabit Ethernet, 1 Gigabit Ethernet, 100M Ethernet
  • Supported media:Fiber (40GBASE-SR4, 10GBASE-SR, 40GBASE-LR4, 10GBASE-LR), QSFP+ Direct Attach
  • Host interface:PCIe x8 Gen 3.0 @ 8.0 GT/s per lane
  • Operating system:Linux (any distribution)

**40GbE functionliaty to be released in a future firmware upgrade

Please visit manufacturer's website for detailed specifications and data sheets.
Purchase includes 1 year support and warranty, extended options available
Please visit for additional product information.